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Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo with Cruz Flores
Time-length-icon 53m 54s
Plays-icon 48
Publish-date-icon July 23, 2012
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Cruz and James get concerned with law and order. We talk about Richard Belzer and his character Detective Munch for way too goddamn long, but when has reason or entertainment value ever deterred this show from indulging itself? There might be a negative value to that number.

Jeese. Belzer is 67. Shouldn't he be a police captain by now or something? What's he doing on the streets? Oh, hey, something else I would watch: Much infiltrating a cell of old timers at a retirement home. It'd be like "The League of Gentlemen" with less accents and more colostomy bags. There's your six seasons and a movie.

God I love how bombastic our theme song is. It's really, quite incredible. But it works, damnit!

This episode is, again, all over the place. Cruz and James talk about cop shows, then we launch into the theft of a saint's heart out of Ireland. That leads to some interesting talk about religious artifacts and then I just ruin everything again with my xenophobia. But, seriously, I'm not out of line. China likes its rhino horns! I'm not wrong!

After that we talk about a movie called "Shake Hands with the Devil" and about feckin' ridiculous that film (pronounced "filum") is. It also pretty darn good.

Then we talk about "100 Rifles." It's awesome. Go see it.

And then we end the show.

Fun Fact: James Cagney was born on 17 July 1899, the same year as Humphrey Bogart who was born on Christmas Day!

Theme: Andy Kneis, esq.

Editing: Cruz Flores.

Art: James "Jaime Santiago" Kislingbury.

Music: "Navajo Joe" by Ennio Morricone.

Fuck: Garage Band, still. Fuck that mess.


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